A little bit of Philosophy melded with Science

So today, I don’t want to write a story. I want to write a few thoughts of mine starting with a quote that I love.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he is not the same man.”

I heard this quote from my father, who is a philosophy professor, and immediately fell in love with the idea. When I did some research, I found it was said by a pre-Socratic philosopher, Heraclitus. On goodreads.com, I found a short description of the man’s philosophy. According to the author, Heraclitus characterised all existing entities by pairs of contrary properties, where no entity may ever occupy a single state at a time.

Now I find it fascinating that a philosopher from circa 500 B.C., would say what is now one of the fundamentals of quantum science. Speaking from a physical point of view, even when we believe we are still, the Earth is revolving and rotating around the Sun. Our entire solar system is revolving along with the Milky Way. Our galaxy itself is hurtling through the cosmos. On a smaller level, the atoms that make up our being are constantly in motion, there is constant exchange of energy and sub atomic particles occurring.  Indeed, if we reached a state where they did not move, we would cease to exist.

The one constant of this universe is that nothing is constant. The universe is programmed for change. A never changing system cannot exist, as far as we know. A moment when the cosmic is absolutely still, what would that be like?

Technically speaking I suppose all energy would have to be converted to mass, for without energy, there can be no advancement. And yet something inside me rebels at the possibility. Perhaps a world devoid of energy is impossible. The way perfect vaccum cannot be manufactured. You can come close. So very very close, but in end it will never be a complete void. The space demands to be filled. It draws it whatever it can in an attempt to be filled. A bit like human beings’ inherent longing for fulfillment, I suppose.

So an idea that came to me is, the universe’s constant state of orderly chaos is also a deep seated instinct of sorts. A need for action. A need for evolution. Perhaps this universe is not so different from the soul. Perhaps it too is trying to attain perfection.

According to ancient Hindu philosophy, each soul is searching for Moksha. Moksha translates literally to release. It refers to the release of the soul from the cycle of rebirth, through the understanding of the Truth. It stands for the release of the soul from the concept of selfhood. The I is gone, to be replaced with a sense of oneness with the divine consciousness. This idea is one that is recurrent in various other philosophies.

A part of me cannot help but wonder if this realisation of the Truth, this enlightened state, is nothing but a state of absolute stillness. A motionless, timeless state, which will once again erupt into varied consciousness. We were all One before the Big Bang occurred, perhaps we are just trying to cone back together. Perhaps there is a subconscious deep underneath, tugging at us, willing to be whole again. To be at peace again. Why the cycle started, or how it will end, I do not know. But the idea of completion and perfection draws me in.

This post is just my rambling. I apologize if there are any mistakes in the facts, and once again, this is just a possible image of the universe that came to me. Sorry for the long confused post. Hope some of it sets you to thinking! I’ll be glad to hear other ideas and interpretations! 🙂


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